The ZSPEC story...

The founding idea behind ZSPEC sparked in 2012 when we tried to locate some basic dress-up bolts for a Nissan Z car project.

Most of what was available had "JDM-"this or another fad brand-name all over the products, quality was inconsistent or prices left you cringing.  The reality set in that if a product wasn't good enough for our own cars, we would design our own and sell off the excess to friends and like-minded enthusiasts.

Thus, ZSPEC was born in Chardon, Ohio with our first shipment of colored billet-aluminum finish washers for that project.

...Soon thereafter, a recipe was born to allow other enthusiasts of the model to get a "kit" for their project and this led to the birth of the idea of the "Ultimate" fastener kit.

Since that first effort in 2012, the ZSPEC brand was launched.  Fast-forward to 2017, ZSPEC is a leader in the automotive "dress-up" fastener arena and continues to grow and expand it's automotive accessory product lineup.  ZSPEC offers unique and niche projects to help enthusiasts with simple needs for their projects.  Our customers' projects fuel our passion to continue developing and releasing new products on a regular basis.

Here in 2017, ZSPEC now covers over eighty (80) import and domestic models with our signature "Ultimate" engine bay fastener kits.  We believe our kits are the most comprehensive in the industry - and delivered at a great value.  Over a dozen cars built for SEMA and other venues have used our products (i.e Sung Kang on the "FuguZ" 240z build).  ZSPEC also has ~8-10 authorized dealers throughout the U.S., Australia and Europe.

Thanks for stopping by, we look forward to seeing your rides at future events and across social media!

The ZSPEC Design team
"Enhance Your Ride"